GoGirl Single - Pink

GoGirl Single - Pink
GoGirl Single - Pink

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So what's a GoGirl?

GoGirl allows women the convenience of standing up to go to the bathroom. It's made from medical-grade silicone and gives women the hygenic option to disgusting or non-existant bathrooms. It's great for many lifestyles and comes in a compact, reusable tube. The next time you visit a public bathroom you'll wish you had one.

Who uses GoGirl?

If you camp, ski or travel, you'll love GoGirl. If you hike, kayak or run marathons, you'll love GoGirl. If you want to avoid the germs you find in a nasty public bathroom, you'll love GoGirl. GoGirl is for active women of all ages. Buy one for your car, purse and backpack. You'll be amazed how often you will wish you had one with you.

How do you use it

Adjust your clothing, and press GoGirl against your body to form a seal. Aim and urinate. When you're finished, shake it dry and place it in the storage bag. GoGirl is reusable and can be washed with soap and water. Roll it up and put in back in the tube for hundreds or thousands of future uses.

Pink Tube with Lavender GoGirl
- Includes re-usable tube, baggie and tissue.
- It's a kit in a tube ready to go!
- Made from Medical Grade Silicone.
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